Top 10 TV Apartments And Houses You Wish You Lived In

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This is the list of top 10 most famous TV apartments and houses you wish you lived in, or just to spend at least one day in one of them. All these TV shows are really famous world wide, and if you have that luck to visit one of these apartments and houses, than you are really lucky!

1. Monica Geller and Rachel Green’s apartment from Friends.


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The 20 Photos Of Abandoned Concrete Bubble House

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In nature we can find many abandoned houses just like this one, but on some way, this house is amazing because of the shape you can see. This house i made to look just like concrete buble which is amazng. This house have big rooms, and stuff inside that shows the facts that people were here but long time ago.


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The 22 Dreamy Art Installations You Want To Live In

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These amazing home ideas are something that you will enjoy. They give you some amazing feeling like you’re flying inside your own house. That feeling is amazing and unreal. You must research for that what you love and for something that you will enjoy everyday. These are 22 amazing home installations you will love to have.

1. Chain Link Fencing as Art by Soo Sunny Park

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The 29 Photos of Million Dollar Abandoned Mansion in Cass County

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Built 15 years ago. Couple got into a bitter divorce before house was completed. Fought over the house. Had two loans on the house, 800k and 500k. One bank foreclosed and all went to bad thing. The owner was also the builder. Right now there is a legal battle between the two banks so it remains abandoned. The pictures are old so rumor has it that the basement is now flooded and full of mold.

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13 Home Theaters You Wish You Owned

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When you think about getting something new in your house, you must think about one of these   ideas for your home theater. All these home theaters are amazing, and they have something that you will love and that you will enjoy in. Watching movie in one of these theaters are something amazing.

1. Futuristic

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The 10 Things You Probably Never Knew About New York City

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The home to many secretas is the one only Big Apple. From many years people living in New York without knowing some amazing secrets that New York City hiding. Maybe you know some of these secrets and maybe not, so here is the 10 things you probably never knew about New York City.

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The 27 Absolutely Stunning Underground Homes

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If you have a basement in your house, or in some other place, you can try use these ideas to make your life easier and nicer. Many people who lived in their basements said that life down under is better because downstairs is cooler and the air is great. On the other hand, when you think about that, living in the basement is kinds peaceful, and calming, no noise, no noting. So, if you think you can like this lifestyle, take a look at these amazing 27 absolutely stunning underground homes and enjoy.

1. Cave pool, Santorini, Greece

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